MIKKO is an innovative designed door handle which symbolizes the
construction and the use at the same time.
The combination of circle and square in the visual appearance
symbolises the purpose of rotation of the handle and indicates at
the same time the rod and mechanism hidden in the centre. As
the position of the handle indicates the act of unlocking and passing
through a door, graphics, embossed in the rose, support the two
states of the movement. First the graphic is partly hidden, only
fully revealed when in the second stage.
Colombo is a manufacturer caring for function, perfection and detail,
and this should be considered. In our point of view, the door handle
is an object which is used subconsciously, in a very automatic move-
ment and without great attention as long as it functions correctly.
Hence this interaction should not be changed or interrupted, but the
two stages of opening a door should be made visible to those who
focus at details.

‘Hands on Doorhandles’ COLOMBO DESIGN Competition
Collaborative work with Julie Thissen (FR/ND)

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