Filmed documentary based on the poem of Rainer Maria Rilke “Notes sur la mélodie des choses” presented in an Installation. My interpretation of the poem was based on daily situations I found on the streets of Paris. In six different sequences I captured moments, which show the tensions of people trying to communicate or catch the given informations around them. The final video was shown in an installation where three canvas would sourround the viewer, and create a space. One by one the sequences were projected and visible from the inside of the space, but changing the canvas after each sequence. Guided by the sound and music of the scenes, the look, expression and the posture of the bodies which listen, talk, watch, and feel, invite the viewer of the video to react on it with his own senses.

Installation at Ensci – Les Ateliers, Paris
11.01.2010 – 18.01.2010


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natalieNotes Sur Les Mélodies Des Choses (VIDEO)