Based on recent nanotechnology research from the Georgia Institute of Technology, the intrinsic morphology of this shower follows a very simple principle: the use of water as the sole energy source for warm water.

The interiors of the tubes are covered with piezoelectric fibres, which have the property of generating electricity by the movement and friction of the water itself. In order to maximize the surface in contact with the water, the structure of the shower is composed by prolific ramifications that make reference to the body’s circulation system both in its macro and microstructure. Piezo is controlled by a waterproof display powered by the same system, which also shows useful information such as elapsed shower-time and amount of consumed water.

Salone Satellite Awards, second price, Milan 2010
Collaborative work with Sebastian Jansson (FIN), Victor Stelmasuk (BR) & Fernanda Pizá (MEX)

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nataliePIEZO – A self heating shower