An impression of Karelia, Finland.

For Finland wood has always been very important. In industry
 and especially in design. This experimental work is
 an approach to symbolise my interest in the extreme power wood 
develops when exposed to different temperatures and humidities, 
and my impression gathered in Karelia, eastern Finland. Inspired by abandonned houses in stunning Karelia, covered in
meters of snow and left in silence, I got interested in working 
with wood by treating it in different especially rough ways and leaving it to itself. The process of covering wood with metal wires or structures,
 and leaving them soaking in water or exposed to -20°C and the 
wintery elements, created marks and left traces solely by the
 pressure of wood expanding, contracting and through oxidation.
 Following those experiments a simple bench design was created
 and each bench was treated in a different way. Depending
 on the procedure the results were more or less visible.

Focus of this project were not the products but the process itself. The object 
visualized this in a sensitive manner.

Exhibited at Atski Gallery, Aalto University (TAIK), Helsinki, Finland (2012)

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