natural stone products

This work is an approach to embody the fascinating versatility of natural stone and reify it in different ways. Optical and haptic interferences created in both, a natural way and through machines, became the focus point and provided the challenges to create objects visualizing a tension between naturally developed and artificially created shape.

The SAMT RAU slate objects are solely made out of natural stone. Through their compactness and solidity the objects cross the boundary between furniture, sculpture and architectural element and create a calming influence – whether in the public or private space. The natural roughness of a broken slate surface, which appears during slate mining under ground, is left unchanged at some parts of the objects. In contrast the other sides are sanded and polished, leaving a soft velvety surface. Completed with an lamp , the sculptural stone blocks receive a functional aspect.\r\nThe potential uses of the objects remain open in any case – as they are product designs, their material aesthetics and conception stand for themselves. Equally tangible and abstract they leave space for interpretation, for the individual approach of the viewer towards the particular object.\r\n\r\nFor the production of the slate objects solely german Moselschiefer ® from the company RATSCHECK in Mayen (GER)  was used. The manufacturing was carried out by MIKU Fliesen- und Natursteinhandel GmbH in Schwäbisch Hall (GER).

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Photo credit: Natalie Weinmann